Monday, June 25, 2012

A new time

My dad died peacefully at 3.20am on Monday June 11.
He was buried the same day, in keeping with Jewish religion/tradition (not sure which it is).
He lived a long and good life and was a very happy man. But I will miss him terribly. Hell, I am missing him. Feel bereft.
Took myself off to a therapist (asked my doctor to recommend a bereavement therapist) and went on Wednesday and Friday last week. Then spent a very tranquil weekend not doing too much (apart from a Saturday night late shift at work which was super busy) and started feeling more normal as from yesterday.
Today saw The Lymph Lady. My arm has been dreadful while I was in Cape Town and in fact, can pinpoint its demise from the day my dad died.
It was so bad that the other day put on a top which has particularly tight sleeves (the rest of it, in contrast, is loose and the effect is pretty cool), and had to take it off as the left upper arm sleeve was so tight.
Then this morning, while at biokinetics, I mentioned it was feeling a bit - well, much - better.
At The Lymph Lady it was ok. And what was most intriguing was that she said she has noticed in all her patients that when their stress levels are raised, their lymphedema is worse.


  1. Gillian,
    I'm sorry about your dad. My husband died a year and a half ago, today, and I'm not sure I'll ever get over losing him. I've seen a bereavement therapist and it helped. While I'm grateful for the progress I've made, I've still got a huge hole in my heart.

    So interesting to hear the Lymph Lady's correlating stress with increased lymphedema symptoms. Not surprising though. Stress seems to affect everything except the rate at which paint drys.


  2. Found your comment re stress pretty true. I also saw a bereavement therapist - well, my doctor recommended him and I saw on his website he deals with "trauma counselling" so I guess that is part of it - and must say I found it very helpful. Went twice, two visits two days apart from each other, and it did help. But then today felt shaky again....