Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not sure why I haven't been writing....

Not really sure why I haven't been writing but take it as a good sign. Yes, my arm is unstable - The Lymph Lady says not badly so - but it recently went brilliant than up again a little. But nothing too serious. My weight is pretty good. I now weigh just a teeny little bit less than I weighed when I was diagnosed with cancer just over three years ago and, considering am on tamoxifen, am delighted re this. But it has cost a fortune in seeing a brilliant dietician whom The Lymph Lady recommended. Then the major task I had attempted - and which I cannot discuss until I have achieved it (not that I don't want to - Ooooo, I could go on about it for hours but it could cause problems if I did discuss it), well, that is not going too well - understatement of the year. It is taking far longer to make that change than I ever anticipated but otherwise I am well.
I think the fact that The Tango Man has scheduled my check-ups to once every six months, rather than the three-monthly and then four-monthly visits I have had to make, is part of the reason. Canecr is not my primary focus, thank God, and although my twice daily lymph massage takes up nearly an hour of my day, and the only reason I have to do it is because of the impact of the radiation on my lymph glands, and it is damn timeconsuming and means I can never bounce out of bed on waking-up, I still don't think about it all the time. It's the lymph I think about, not the cancer, if that makes sense.
Oh cos I wasn't able to do much exercise cos of my toe - and I must admit was super-slack in doing anything at home -Now I have them but not sure yet what I feel about them, other than doing something like sit-ups for only three repeats, and having to go from clothes on, to clothes off, neither makes me feel confident of its ability to move the lymph, nor does it make it a comfortable routine. (I am doing it on occasion instead of the manual lymph drainage). But we shall see.....

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