Saturday, March 24, 2012

Interesting reading re mammograms

I follow a number of blogs on breast cancer - others too, although perhaps not as intensely - and this one,, 
has an interesting post on mammograms.
A comment on the posting, led me to this article which has a long, long intro I merely glossed over, well skipped, to be honest, but the body of the piece is interesting: interesting article, if old, from the new yorker re mammograms
I would never not go for an annual mammogram but do know they are not the be-all and end-all; I found a lump on the side of my chest (later found to be a lymph node, plus there was another I didn't feel in the shower that morning innocently washing myself) - and that was under two months of having a mammogram and been given the "all clear, come back in a year" schpiel.
I always wondered if the doctor was negligent, if the ultrasound scan post the mammogram was done properly, and had two surgeons check out my entire file from the radiologist (I walked in and demanded it, as the one surgeon advised me to do, saying he might have a problem getting it) but in the end, it didn't seem anyone was negligent and even if they were, well, I had cancer and I had to deal with it, didn't I?
Much much later I asked the oncologist if the cancer had developed within that time period. He said no, that it had been in my body probably for six to nine months but undetected. Plus I felt fabulous at the time.
Still feel shocked about it all when I think about it, and it's three years later and I am fine thank goodness.

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