Friday, March 9, 2012


Dunno what it is but I am exhausted. Well, guess I know why but am still battling with it. First it started cos went back to the dietician cos my weight was creeping up again (tamoxifen) and I gained 2kg. She cut my protein down further ie no protein at lunch and at supper, say 125g white fish.
I became wrecked so added a little bit of protein at lunch and then had minimal at supper. Sometimes felt so hungry that just one biteful more of protein helped.
But I have mostly lost the weight I gained. Well, up 04kg from my usual maximum. I first lost it all, then was tired so ate more, then gained again, and now it's been creeping down again.
Now I think I am tired because I don't have one second of quiet/down time. I am on a major campaign to change one aspect of my life (not related to health, or my weight for that matter, although on a big campaign to not only keep my weight down but to lose 10kg - (ha! ha! ha!). Anyway, what this means is that when I get home at night, and this is usually after going somewhere, so it can be anywhere from 8pm to 10.30pm or later, I then sit down to tackle working on that. Been going to bed at 1am and waking up at 6am to do lymph massage, then dealing with a busy, crisis-driven day at work where I have to make frequent quick decisions, then rushing off at 6pm to go to some or other function, then home and .... oh I forgot about pre-work gym 3X a week.
Plus I agreed to interview this author and haven't finished reading the book, which I HAVE to do this weekend as the interview is on Wednesday, plus I tried to start another blog, unrelated to cancer but linked to my frequent going-out to shows and exhibitions and restaurants.... (eg this week did the theatre awards, the symphony concert, fashion week followed by dinner, and then dinner tonight) but have done two feeble posts to learn the formatting (it's a different template to this one....) . Oh, no wonder I am wrecked. Must take a deep breath, which in a way is what this blog posting is about... this is my deep breath.

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