Friday, February 17, 2012

A s-tressssssss-ful morning

Good write fast 'cos doing this from work which isn't really allowed and gonna begin at the end, to allay fears.
I arrived at the oncology centre mid-morning today, with the report of my chest x-ray and abdominal and pelvic sonar done earlier this morning.
"Look here," I said to the nurse behind the reception desk. "It says I should have a transvaginal ultrasound or MRI. Can I have it today? (my one sister's genius idea)"
The nurse took the report - both written and graphic - to The Tango Man. He saw it pretty quickly, I must say, because he was busy. She came back, sat next to me (by that stage I was rigid with fear) and said: "Dr XXX is not concerned and says you musn't be concerned either".
So I'm ok, I guess. Oh, he did say I must see my gynae but I am, on March 5, Seeing The Tango Man on Monday. My blood test results were not through yet. But have to trust that if he thought it was cancer, he would surely have sent me for the recommended scan/MRI.
This is the hassle. Ultrasound of abdomen found a cyst, either on uterus or ovaries. Of irregular shape. Haemorrhaging inside.
This is what report said: " A space occupying lesion with heterogenous echotexture is identified not clearly separable from the uterine fundus and left adnexa measuring 4.4 x 3 x 2.6cm. This represents a new finding following the previous ultrasound examination and a gynaecological evaluation and/or further imaging with transvaginal ultrasound or MRI is recommended.
"No other focal abdominopelvic visceral lesion is detected."
My trachea, heart, aorta, lung, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, bladder are all perfect - although the liver "measures at the upper limit of the normal range" and shows " steatosis". That means it's fatty. teh Tango Man had told me previously that is from the meds. And is fine.
Tamoxifen can cause endometrial cancer. Hence my panic. Hence my seeing the gynae every 6 months for a test re this.....
Glad Dance Umnrella is opening tonight and I am invited. Can't wait!  

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