Friday, January 13, 2012

and now for a swollen ankle

Damn. Yesterday at work dunno why but looked down and saw that my ankle was swollen. Very swollen. This morning it seemed down but then went up again. I was able to put on my trainers for gym and this, coupled with The Yoga Man telling me I was a hypochondriac, made me decide not to go to the doctor.
However, I am now going tomorrow. Just to put my mind at rest. It's my right ankle. Been on websites and it seems I am not alone in having a swollen ankle that is painless - it is slightly tender if I touch it but really, would not know it was swollen if I hadn't seen it.
Had reflexology on Monday - been wanting to write about that ever since and will soon - but doubt that played a role.
I know looking up medical things on the internet is dangerous but really it musn't be a blood clot or heart problems. Doctor tomorrow morning.

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