Sunday, May 22, 2011

what difference will four days make

I did a silly thing the other day. Phoned the oncology centre and asked if I could bring my appointment to an earlier date.

The Tango Man is going away - there is an oncology conference in Toronto, wonder if he is going there - and I knew he was going to be away for a while around this time 'cos initially my appointment was later than I wanted. He had told me to come in four months' time and it was scheduled to nearly five months' time.... but anyway, I got an appointment four days earlier. From the 14th to the 10th. Big deal. But keeping it that way even though workwise it's not the best day for me to go.

Spoke to someone I don't know and they didn't ask why I wanted it earlier. Thought if I see The Tango Man's sidekick, the Oh-so-skinny-one, he might decide than I don't need to see him too. That is what happened when I saw him in an unscheduled quickie visit, when I had swollen lymph from my then undiagnosed tickbite fever, and then he said I didn't need to see him at my scheduled visit a few weeks' later.

But I would like to have seen him. But then guess it's good if your oncologist doesn't want to see you - you're clearly ok and guess it's now time to stand on my own two feet.

Needless to say, however, am very aware that my appointment is coming up. June 10. Afternoon.

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