Monday, May 16, 2011

sometimes it's hard to write

I used to write a lot. Then I felt that I spent every night - when I came home, which was usually after going somewhere after work such as an art exhibition opening, the theatre or dinner somewhere, or just my Tuesday night yoga which ends at 8.30pm - in front of the computer, so I tried to restrict the writing to about once a week. Maybe twice.
Anyway, now I am scrunched up on one of the couches with my laptop and wondering ... do I moan yet again about my arm?
The last three weeks it hasn't been great but still, it's great if I don't have to wear a compression sleeve, is my mantra. It's just that the top of the upper arm went up about 5mm from last week, so it feels pretty heavy but then it went down about the same measurement at the elbow and so overall it's fine. Am grateful for that but at the same time it doesn't feel great.
It might not seem like it from this blog, but I am definately less anxious about my arm than I used to be but it does wear me down a little. Went to a game lodge over the weekend and we had an early morning game drive - and I ummed and aahed and then decided to get up extra early - 4.45am - to do manual lymph drainage massage beforehand.
And now wanna go cos still need to do "my lymph", as I call it, even though I do only a 10 minute one at night (and a 30-40min one in the mornings).
Think I am just a little tired.....but must say, enjoyed my break at the game lodge and wow - been going away a lot in the past month: to Cape Town, Lesotho and now the Pilanesberg
Does turn everything upside down though, not least my eating patterns, so in a way good to be back and settling down again... g'night!

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