Thursday, May 26, 2011

Readers in Slovenia

According to the stats on blogger (incidentally the stat counter on the blog, the one that sends me weekly updates, doesn't work), but anyway, the one which is on blogger, shows that the most readers of this blog are in the United States, then South Africa - where I live - and then Slovenia. How did that happen? So if you reading me and are in Slovenia, please tell me how you chanced upon my blog. So curious. Don't know anyone there. And it really is far from here.
Anyway, wanted to write about my elbow. My inner elbow. It's sore. If I touch it, it feels bruised.This kind of thing often happens but when I mention it to The Lymph Lady (often parts of my arm,like my inner elbow, hurt when she massages me), she seems unconcerned. But it must be from the lymph.
Anyone out there who has lymphedema or who is bordeline/high-risk lymphedema also experience such things? Hardly a calamity. But again, I am curious.......


  1. I suspect it's from the LE. I get little spots like that sometimes, have always assumed it a little pooling of fluid. I just work a little more at doing my lymph exercises & breathing.
    It's not actually bruised, right? If there is actual bruising, or if it continues for a while in the same place, I'd get it looked at.

  2. What do you mean by LE? Lymph Exercise? Oh the feeling is long gone now, and no, it wasn't actually bruised, but I want to record what I mean when I say "my arm feels funny". There are all sorts of different feelings but The Yoga Man, for example, often makes me feel I am overreacting as I will complain "my arm feels funny" and then I go see The Lymph Lady and it's fine (fine now = no compression sleeve).