Thursday, January 20, 2011

arm great too

After yesterday's all clear mammogram and ultrasound, and the doctor so exuberant and ast over-the-top as he exclaimed: "You are cured!" I am again very happy that my arm, at risk for lymphedema, is very good.
Hope it will now stablise so that I don't have to go see The Lymph Lady every week. She is excellent and I really like her and will probably miss her, but it would be wonderful - and cheaper - to see her less frequently. Plus she has just gone up in price from about R392-something to R421-something or other....

Yet when I suggested I don't come next week, she thought I should cos I am flying (locally, a 2 hour flight) on Tuesday. "It's always good to have a good drainage (I think that's the word she used) before a flight".

Think I have spent about R3000 on medical costs since Saturday - GP re suspected German measles on Saturday, plus blood tests for which I did not have to pay upfront, a mammogram and ultrasound for R1110 or something like that, The Lymph Lady for R421.. mmm.. am missing something but cannot think what. Else I am mistaken. It's about R2000. Tired. Still have to wash the dishes. Oh, my arm was so good today cos lost another 0.4kg. Every little bit helps. Then ate Christmas cake tonight....

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