Sunday, August 22, 2010

can't bear this compression sleeve

Am really really not enjoying wearing this compression sleeve. Like now, it is damn itchy, probably cos I am hot. Dunno.
Feels like things are crawling over my skin.
At better moments, I think it's ok. That I am ok. Still have use of my arm and even if it swollen, it is very slight (last week was up 3mn in one spot).
Seeing The Lymph Lady tomorrow and will find out how it is now.
Praying that I don't have to wear this compression sleeve always. It's driving me crazy and that is excluding the unsightliness of it all. Went to buy long-sleeved loose cotton t-shirts for gym this morning - not easy to find, as all the shops have summer clothes in now.
And off to a barmitzvah party now and cannot wear what I had been planning to wear - a gorgeous, black lace beaded dress - as it has short cap sleeves and I am wearing a compression sleeve.
So, instead, will have to wear a long sleeved black t-shirt (ok, it's new, but still....) with a black skirt.
Anyway, am going to check if there is a lymphedema support group or something like that in South Africa. What a joke. Have not been to a single breast cancer support group meeting. Asked one group to keep me informed of meetings, and they haven't, and the oncology centre has details of meetings - but only just before they happen so if you not there regularly.... somehow have not been to one. But might help if I chatted to some other poor unfortunate soul who has to wear one of these things. I want to speak to someone who is young, so goes out and does things... not someone who stays home anyway and so it makes little difference.

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