Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cannot believe I am saying this but.....

From the beginning, that is, when I got diagnosed with cancer, I always thought it was bullshit when people said they learnt something from having cancer. I resented the fact that one could gain something from such an ordeal. Now although I would much rather never have had this dreadful disease which in many ways has fakked up ny life, can honestly say I have learnt something from it, Well, gained something from it, I have gained personal insight: always thought I was a misery; now I know I am not. And, on a lighter note, I have learnt I am a brat. Breezed into the orthopaedics place today to buy a glove to assist with putting on the compression sleeve, but made damn sure that I announced I didn't have lymphedema and this was just temporary.... Who the hell do I think I am? I am wearing a sleeve, right, so clearly there is a problem, right? Bloody brat, I thought, as I drove back to the office. Must say am much much happier now though that it seems my arm might be settling down, Bizarre: the same set of circumstances ie wearing a compression sleeve but I am no longer unhappy although the itchiness has been driving me crazy. Now I just yank it off at 10pm. So now, at 10.50pm, it is easy to be nonchalant about the compression sleeve. Lol!!!

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