Thursday, July 1, 2010

a taste like a leaking filling

Scheduled to have my last of 17 herceptin treatments on Monday, so it's nearly three weeks since I had the previous one, yet got that yucky taste in my mouth last night. Not as intense as in the past but tasted like I would imagine a leaking filling would taste like, if there were such a thing. A metal taste. Enough to lead to my eating too many Chinese ginger chewy sweets but I always feel desperate to get rid of the taste.

Anyway, all gone by morning.

Like what Julie Goodale had to say in her latest blog posting,Fitness for survivors:"We didn't control whether we got cancer; we can't control how our treatments affect our bodies. But we can control what we eat and if we go for a walk, or ride a bike, or run, or lift weights, or dance...."

Here's to dancing, and having fun!

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