Monday, July 26, 2010

my arm is up

Saw The Lymph Lady today and my arm is up - 0.5cm on the upper arm, and 0.5cm in the middle of my upper arm.
Not a crisis, she says, but not ideal. Says if it's not down on my next visit scheduled for two weeks' time, then will need to up visits (I asked her if needed to come more frequently).
Asked her about her other patient who is also high risk for lymphedema but does not have it, and she says that the other patient no longer comes regulary although she did see her about a week ago for a check-up. Essentially that other patient's arm settled down, did not budge for months, so she was managing it on her own.
I intend to get to that point although not sure how daily manual lymph drainage massage and wishful thinking is going to get me there. But I can try, can't I?
Meanwhile, my arm is still sore but it appears to be skin/muscle changes following the radiation. The Tango Man said this could last up to 1 and a half years; The Lymph Lady says 6-7 years...... and she said that it's bullshit what the gynae told me: that the swelling goes down after a while.
The Lymph Lady said she was asked to give a talk at a conference in Cape Town in December re what is being done for lymphedema in South Africa. She ssaid that is an easy talk - the answer? In the public service, absolutely nnothing. The bandaging is too pricey, for starters, she said. I hope never to get to that stage, not because of the money but because I hope to ffend off lymphedema.
Otherwise, am well. Just the damn weight......everyone seems to think it's ccrazy that I want to see a dietician again, but it's not working on my own, so going to go.

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