Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back from my travels

These are some fascinating comments by New York fitness trainer, certified cancer exercise specialist and musician Julie Goodale whose blog fitness for survivors I devour regularly: julie on lymphedema.
I am back from my trip, had a wonderful time and survived doing the flights with a compression sleeve. I even put the sleeve on in the actual plane, before it took off, on the way back in full view of everyone (my sister is right, everybody is too self-absorbed to even notice the kind of things people become traumatised about) and wore it throughout my two days in that glamorous and fashionable city of Monte Carlo. Look, it helped that I knew it was not permanent but my arm felt shitty and I thought, rather wear it and let people think you're wearing a bandage - oh my lunch and dinner guests definately noticed it but said nothing - than suffer permanently later.
Saw The Lymph Lady on the day of my return who said my arm was perfect, better than it had been for ages. Then saw her yesterday and it was badly swollen in the middle of my upper arm. Now, and tomorrow is a week since my return from flying long distance, it is still slightly swollen and slightly sore and I am in two minds about sms-ing her and asking her what I should do.......Might wear the sleeve tomorrow. But it's gonna hurt cos found out - and she told me too when I complained - that if you bend your elbow it hurts like hell and I am going to be banging away on the computer keyboard all day tomorrow... mmm... will think about it.
Anyway, fab trip. Now need to sit down and write about it for the travel mag.

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