Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Totally drained. First I thought it was just a stamina problem but have been pretty tired throughout the day today. Must be the herceptin. It's a common side-effect (I had it last week). I hope it doesn't last. If it persists, that is, if I feel tired tomorrow, will phone the oncology centre and ask if there is anything one can do. Bet not.
Today at gym the bio and I agreed that my left arm is swollen. Wasn't happy about that as can be expected, especially as I have started to lose weight so my arm should also go down. (The preventative pills I am taking, tamoxifen causes one to gain 5% of one's body weight so consistently eating less than normal to try to lose weight.)
Anyway, went from gym to The Lymph Lady2 (my one is on leave, in Kenya climbing mountains), and the swelling of my left arm had come down from last week. She said I will always have to do the lymph massage. Cos it will always be a threat. And that's if I am fortunate enough to not develop lymphedema.
Gonna have some coffee in a polystyrene cup - am at work and being damn naughty writing this instead of working but am too tired to work and is the end of the work day and everyone else has gone home and I am off to the symphony concert - the Mozart Anniversary concert - so guess I cannot be that tired!! Read more about the Mozart festival on in Joburg

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