Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a different lymph massage

Feeling much better but still a little hassled re my arm. Saw The Lymph Lady's work partner yesterday who does a different form of lymph massage - Norton vs Casely-Smith - and she said my arm was swollen. When I shrieked "swollen???" she changed it to "puffy" but that was just from looking at her. Her method of measuring the arm is different (every 4cm)so it is hard to tell - but I insisted she measure it as I need a base rate and I am seeing her for three sessions while The Lymph Lady is away. So now I keep staring at my arm and wondering. And asking close friends like The Yoga Man and my bio if it looks swollen.
One cannot live under such pressure. I need to chill.
Now it is 11pm and I still have to wash dishes, do lymph massage and work out what the hell I am going to wear to fashion week tomorrow night, as need to wear it from the morning or at the very least, take it with me to work. Such pressure!! Lol!!!

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