Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Talking vs not talking about it

I realised today while waiting to meet a work colleague here in cape town that i no dont like to talk about having had cancer to people who dont know. So when one person once said, "Oh, u have grown your hair back!" i left it and let him think i had shaved it off for fun. Then today this colleague asked if i had seen my mom before/when she died - we were having an intense conversation - and i explained i had been too sick. Then I thought, what the hell, and told her how i had been having chemo and my blood levels dropped and the oncology centre would not let me fly and then the next day when i booked my flight for the funeral the oncologist, a locum, said i was to wear a surgical mask on the flight and no one was to kiss or hug me. ........ Ja ja ja..... Now i am thinking of going to a support group meeting, Am going to find out when next they have one at the oncology centre. Think they are about three hours long, which is a bit much, but want to meet other women on herceptin and tamoxifen.

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