Sunday, November 8, 2009

the arm

I know I harp on about it but when u are threatened with lymphedema plus have to do manual lymph drainage massage twice a day, it is hard to forget about it.
Like today, for the second time on a Sunday, jumped up and went about my activities filled with the joy of a wonderful summer's day, when I remembered I had forgotten to do the massage.
The worst though is looking at my arm and seeing that my left arm is slightly puffier than the right arm. All I pray for now is that it stays the same and does not worsen.
But, as The Yoga Man says, my arm always worsens or I feel it worsens when an appointment with The Lymph Lady looms, and I am due to see her tomorrow at 9.30am!
And must say, tired at time - did work for over 15 hours on Friday - but generally happy and think I have become more confident and bolder.

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