Sunday, October 25, 2009

first haircut since chemo

Found out here why I could not upload pics - was in html mode and had to click on 'compose' on top of the blog

Anyway, that pic shows what my hair looked like before I had it cut yesterday. Had to look it up on this blog but last had chemo on Tuesday April 14. That means it is now just over six months. So that's how long it took to have my hair grow out long enough to have it cut. I wanted to cut it earlier but Carlos, my hairdresser, said it was too short.
Now Erica, the head nurse at the oncology centre, has advised me not to tint it while on herceptin treatment. Initially was told not to tint it for six months after chemo but she said it's best not to do it while on herceptin. She said it would make my hair brittle. I trust her. She is the one with the experience. Pity because I would like to brighten it up. But there are bigger issues. Like going for a mammogram and scan tomorrow. My first mammogram since the one I had in October last year and was given the all-clear before finding a lump below my armpit just under two months later. (Also having herceptin tomorrow.)
And another issue is the fact that am suffering from fatigue. Went to a party on a farm in the Magaliesburg area yesterday. Drove there and back and afterwards, in a restaurant last night, almost fell asleep. One cup of coffee and I was fine, but feeling far more fatigue in the last three weeks. A heavy day at the office and I feel wacked. Think it's the tamoxifen.

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