Sunday, May 3, 2009

learning to accept

I have just been chastised for not accepting that I am on chemo and therefore immune compromised. And it's true. I am sicker than I want to accept or, rather, I should not be so upset when something goes wrong physically. I should just accept it. And just deal with it.
So when I felt an ulcer inside my mouth just now, I should not get hysterical envisaging the throat thrush that made me unable to eat solids, but merely think: Ok, I have an ulcer; where is my yellow emulsion to treat it? Cos let's face it, it's not throat thrush yet and there is no need for it to deteriorate and become that. And it's not surprising that my immune is compromised and therefore I am getting an ulcer. That is what happens when one is on chemo.
Sjoe! Gonna have to learn a whole new way of thinking.

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