Monday, May 25, 2009

fashion launch

went to this fashion launch the other night. Stiaan Louw. check out stiaan louw here Did not know a bloody soul. Walked around aimlessly. Could not drink the drink on offer as it came as a vitamin-enriched concoction of water and on radiation, not allowed vitamins. As I do not take any ever, almost forgot about the rule....
There were about 6 models who stood on plinths. That was it.
"You can look around and see what u wnt to buy," said the organiser when I went up to him, desperate to chat to somebody. "The models too?" I enquired. "The models too!" he said with a grin.
As I left, walked into two people I knew. The next day the one, Gary, told me he had bought R5000 worth of the clothes, including the grey trenchcoat I had admired most. In fact, he was wearing it.

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