Saturday, April 18, 2009

wonderfully busy day

By the way, the play last night - At her Feet - was brilliant and Quanita Adams is definately best actress of the year.
Been super busy today and so far have enjoyed every minute of it.
Went to Hyde Park to buy a wedding present for Ntseke and Birgit. Could not decide between a Ritzenhof bottle opener and a Carrol Boyes pate knife - has to be small so can fit into my handbag and then don't need to pay tax when cross the border into Lesotho. Chose the pate knife as don't think bottle openers are used much these days, what with all the screw tops and twist tops.
Then went to the opening at the Gordart gallery along the strip in Rosebank. Was so packed could not get in for the opening performance so hopped along to all the other galleries in the strip. Favourite was Deborah Bell at David Krut and the Pieter Hugo pics - wow!!!!! - at Warren Siebritz, which must be the most serious gallery there. Serious as in authoritative.
Bought an artwork by a muso/artist called Stompie Selibe Called Stay with Me. Quite serious and possibly angsty. My taste. When get it in three weeks' time when the Gordart exhibition closes, will post a pic of it.
Wow, just been checking Stompie out on the Internet and am very impressed. Think I got a good deal considering it cost less than my handbag and less than my friend Karen's haircut this morning. Ok, ok, still need to frame it but it's not toooooo big so should not cost tooo much. Well, it will double the cost of the purchase.
Then tonight off to Gramadoelas for dinner and to stand-up comic Loyiso Gola's show at the Market
Only once did I feel shitty - when I stood still too long chatting to who had previously been a stranger at the Gordart Gallery.
Oh and forgot, went to Soulsa,,2165,00.html for lunch and spent the afternoon there, also drinking my first real alcoholic drink since starting chemo - a Pimms. Delicious.

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