Wednesday, April 1, 2009

soooooo relieved

So so happy to report that can eat solids again. Liquids weren't really doing it for me as I became increasing hungry and so increasing irritable.
But my mouth is far from ideal. Have an ulcer appearing on my outer, damn it, outer top lip, plus one inside (and that's just what i could see from my car mirror), neither of which are sore. Would not chance anything hard but am so relieved that can eat and a cut-up peach, a slice of cold meat and some danish feta has gone down really well, on top of the Chinese chicken and corn soup and mango and raspberry frozen yoghurt which I bought. In fact, have enough of that chicken soup to feed the nation but will be eating it for the next day or so.
Ah these side effects of chemo are not ideal. Oral thrush is this one's name. Still gonna have to use lots of that yellowg gunge to remove it once and for all. But it's a relief to have that eina gone from my throat. Think it calls for another piece of Danish feta and possibly some Emmenthal to celebrate.
Now I need to work on my sleeping patterns, but that's another story.

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