Friday, April 10, 2009

Not collapsed or anything....

... just been super busy and no time to write. Attended an all-day workshop for work on Tuesday (wrote about that), then had to compress Tuesday to Friday's work into Wednesday and Thursday so could take today, Good Friday, off. Then, on top of that, had Pesach or Passover, the Jewish holiday, and had two seders at my sister, leaving each at about 11pm. Tired me out. Yeah, yeah, I know: exasperated by the effects of chemo no doubt.
Without trying to sound like a super optimistic bunny, really believe now (had to be convinced) that have so far not reacted too badly to the chemo generally and it has not affected my life too much beyond my not being able to go out as much as normal - ja, blah blah blah, written about this a lot lately - but there is no doubt don't have as much energy as normal.And so fakking what. But did find the idea of going out last night rather an ordeal but then was up bright and early today so guess it's not so bad. And no longer one bit tired.
But then have had a super super quiet day. Still in pajamas and it's after 5pm but likely to get up and going just now.

Read about Barack Obama's seder at the White House;

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