Thursday, April 16, 2009

laughed at dinner

How lekker to eat a slice of bread tonight - brie on rye - after keeping to that part of Pesach (Passover). Then on top of that went out for pizza and pasta and laughed and joked like old times. Really enjoyed myself and was able to forget that my hand hurts like hell from the chemo and that I am nauseous.
In between chatted to my sister and got emotional about things. But ultimately a good and touching night. Thank goodness.
Wearing my new little 'hoed' (Afrikaans for 'hat') except it's not really a hat but a little cotton cap. Thought it was unsightly when I bought it at the wig shop, and guess it still is, but gosh, it is warm and gonna be ideal for the winter - as my hair grows back, please God, if the chemo stops as the doctor thinks it might.
Which reminds me. That damn wig has never been worn but stands permanently on its yucky white base on a corner of the dining room table, yet one other artifact among the marula seed bowl from Limpopo, the candles and handblown glass miniature owls from Swaziland and the Lalique kneeling man Aubrey and Andy bought me.
Been wondering: can I return it and get some money back and should I donate it to a charity? Or should I keep it for a while in case I do decide to wear it? Meanwhile, I am still waiting/fighting with the medical aid to pay me for the damn thing. Oh they pay for it, they agree, they just have not yet... since I first submitted the claim at the beginning of February.
Need to go now - time to chat about elections and how some parties are copying the Obama website - or trying to.......and about how much money the ANC has for it election campaign, said my friend, waving a bundle of multi-coloured election flyers which arrived in his postbox today.

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  1. hello hat, i read your letter over at Meghan's blog, and i may be able to help/provide the support it looks like you are looking for. first let me tell you i am not a cancer suvivor, i was a caregiver to my mother who lost her fight to breast cancer at the age of 53 (50 when she was diagnosed). that is just way to younge to die of breast cancer. from loosing my mom i would always say go to the side of caution. just cut them off, its not worth the risk. after my mothers masectomy she did her chemo and all of the other stuff and after being "cancer free" for 8 months the cancer showed up in her lungs and spread to several places from there, including her brain. breast cancer is a soft cell and soft cells move thru the lets face it you also get a boob job at the same time (if you get reconstructive). but that is to the bad part of extream. i am not sure how SA healthcare is but it kind of sounds like you need to have doctors that at least talk together, so maybe a second opinion would not be a bad idea if its possable....sorry long comment. if you would like to talk my e-mail address is