Friday, April 10, 2009

a bit manic

A friend cooked lunch today. "Is this enough food?" he asked before he started, explaining that he wasn't sure how much I was eating these days. You see, it changes day to day since I started chemo.
Now I have become manic - eating and eating and eating and also shopping and shopping and shopping. Is it my fault that winter has not arrived yet and all my new winter clothes are sitting in packets with their labels on waiting for colder temperatures?
But have to control my eating now. Have picked up a fortune just in the last 10 days. Know that with next week's chemo am likely to eat less but really, this weight gain is uncomfortable and yucky.
Going to go out for supper shortly. Wish there was a vegetarian restaurant in Joburg. Oh there is one in Emmerantia which I went to last year and really disliked - every single thing on the buffet tasted the same: bland. Even the so-called veg curry. But even that yucky place is not open at night. Really feel like butternut and sweet potato for supper - and where am I going to get that? Oh maybe should go to The Red Chamber in Hyde Park - delicious Chinese food such as fish soup of steamed kingklip and julienned strips of ginger in a clear liquid... mmmmmmm. And wonderful tofu with some kind of interesting mushrooms (forgotten which). Mmmmm.....

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