Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some problems

Was eating my pasta lunch - a touch of garlic and one tomato sauce and a little mayo, so effectively plain - when suddenly I realised it hurt when I swallowed the food.
Stopped eating and phoned the oncology centre: it's either ulcers or thrush. Luckily not sore if I swallow generally, only if I swallow food. Was told to take my temperature and if it's high, to contact them or my GP for antibiotics.
My temp is fine. (Carry my thermometer in my bag).
Now using that yellow gunge all the time - but this time swallowing it.
Tried some pasta again but it did not work. That is, it hurt even more.
Going to buy some chicken soup for supper. Hope that goes down ok.

Oh and re my nails. Asked the oncology sister if my nail looks like it could split in half, could it happen? Oh yes, she said. And worse still, there is nothing I can do to prevent it.

Ironically, feeling ok. Not nauseous or dizzy or anything. Just gotta get this yellow gunge to work, the throat pain to disappear and my nails to behave.

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