Thursday, March 26, 2009

ordinary yet extraordinary

Had a most revitalising evening. On the face of it, it was pretty mundane. Left the office and drove the short distance - it's essentially a brief walk - to the mall. Then went to Stuttafords to collect the dress I had bought weeks ago and had altered and threw a tantrum because they could not find it and insisted it be delivered to the office tomorrow. (The truth is I have two more days before I hit my immune-compromised time and with depleted energy levels, cannot wake up early on Saturday and buzz around town. I can do about two things and that's it. Either way though, their service is appalling and I told them so, explaining that I was not surprised to find it so chaotic as when I had phoned last week to explain I had unexpectedly found myself in Cape Town and so could not collect the dress as arranged, they had not known what I was talking about - and I had been speaking to the correct department nogal.)
Anyway, from Stutts went to Red Square where I was delighted to discover that I had vouchers worth R200 so my skin toner cost only R95, then dashed up the escalator to Tsunami to order copious amounts of sushi takeaway for supper - and where I was deligted to discover my favourite sushi maker welcomed me warmly despite my not having been there for months - walked across the pedestrian street to Woolworths where I returned the white beret which made me look like a ghost, chatted about the travails of cancer to a friend I bumped into, collected my sushi, paid for my parking - and then went to my flat to collect a few things, then to my sister when I had a mini supper and then to The Yoga Man who was awaiting the sushi.
And been exuberant ever since.
Normally, that is about two months ago, that would have been an insignificant series of events, except perhaps that I might have phoned Stuttafords manager the next day to apologise and collect the dress myself. But today it was revelationary. Because I walked around in a public place on my own, confident despite my no hair and a hat, and did loads of things. (Forgot I also re-eyed a bag I want at a luggage shop but that at R2600-something is a bit out of my reach.)
After a day of sitting still at the office and feeling nauseous, it was wonderful to walk around freely and exuberantly.
The truth is: if I think about it, I feel ill, as in nauseous. But if I don't think about it, I feel wonderful. So gonna drink my fennel tea, pop a sweet to take away the kak taste in my mouth, and continue to feel wonderful.

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