Friday, February 20, 2009

what you don't get told about chemo hair loss

Maybe it is different for everyone, but had no idea what a messy business this chemo hair loss is.
My hair is everywhere. "You need one of those canteen worker's plastic caps!" said someone. And it's true. Anyone got one for me? Even today, when I am wearing a cap for that very 'plastic cap' purpose, there is hair everywhere, even on the telephone on my desk which is an arm's length away.
Have booked an appointment with darling Carlos for 4pm tomorrow to shave it all off but might postpone it till Monday depending on how much has fallen out.
"Cos that's the other thing I did not know. How slowly it falls out. It's been falling out since Wednesday, strand by strand, making a mess. This morning still had a full head of hair but with thinning patches on each side on the top. Oh and generally it was thinner but would have been happy to walk around like that, but donned the cap - a black one - to avoid moulting over everything!!!!

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