Thursday, February 26, 2009

rushing about

After a week of not being allowed out because of a compromised immune system, and with a second bout of chemo on Monday, am busy rushing out and about. So although have loads to write about, it's all on hold until I have a moment.

Am once again busy at work but just a quick note about last night's dinner party. In between avoiding the delicious salad and the creamy dips - still no dairy and uncooked veggies 'cos of my not-so-good tummy chemo side-effect - and eating pretzels and bread with a non-dairy fish dip while sipping water, my host Leon told of a brilliant find should my eyebrows fall off. Hoping they won't but they might but Leon said not to worry, just to pop into Cosmopolitan at Hyde Park and buy this amazing pencil for about R300 which adds bits of hair when you draw in the brow line.

Plus he showed me how to tie a scarf with a bolla (bun) at the nape of the neck although chickened out of that this morning to go with a cap.

Plus amazing Leon showed off his hat collection and I am quickly dashing off to Young Designers to buy the animal print trilby which he purchased there recently.

So even though I felt nauseous and exhausted by about 10pm, it was well worth going to the dinner party, not least because of an avantgarde designer prancing about, an old friend John telling of his life in Taiwan and getting all the theatrical skinner from another old friend Toni.

If you want to know more about Leon, his website is

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