Friday, February 27, 2009

If I were black.....


Looked at the packed auditorium at the Dance Umbrella at the Wits Theatre last night and at least one third of the people were wearing hats or caps. I work in an environment where many of my colleagues wear anything from peaked caps to trilbys to work.
So why do I get constant double takes because I have taken to wearing headgear to cover my increasing bald head from the chemo?
"Because you are white," said a friend. "If you were black, you could be bald and nobody would say a word."
Yes, it is true. Maybe this is heightened cos we live in racially aware South Africa, but wearing headgear is very much part of black urban culture, especially among young people. For whiteys, not at all.
Last night I walked past dancer Dada Masilo who is beautiful and bald without blinking an eyelid. And I doubt any of the hatted (is there such a word?) audience members last night were white.
Oh well. Just hope the word spreads fast that I have cancer and I don't have to continue to face those awkward double-takes as I go about my life, today in a pink velvety peaked cap with a large butterfly clipped onto one side of it.

Dada Masilo - scroll down for info plus a beautiful pic by Suzy Bernstein

Dance Umbrella -

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